Kitchen Fire Hoods  & Emergency Exit Inspections

Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspection

Kitchen suppression systems require inspection and testing every six months per NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) - 17A code standards. This insures that the system is in good operating condition and that the cooking hazards have not been rearranged resulting in improper nozzle coverage.

Key elements of a Kitchen Hood Suppression System inspection include:

  • Inspect the system for visible sign that the system has been fired, tampered or leaked.

  •  Check and clean system components for proper operation.

  •  Inspect gas valve operation and gas valve shutoff function.

  •  Installing currently dated fusible links when required.
  •  Inspect visual cylinder condition and verify hydro-test date for cylinder.

  • Inspect and test pull station.

  •  Weight cylinder cartridge and replace when required.

  •  Inspect all nozzles and verify their proper aim, blockage and presence of blow-off caps.

  •  Inspect for any change in hazard area that might affect performance of fire suppression system.

  •  Change tamper seal and tag suppression system as required.

When the inspection is completed there could be recommendations for corrective action where needed such as repairing the suppression system, replacing parts and hydro test of system cylinders. If a suppression system passes the inspection, we will put the current GREEN certification tag on it. The system will then be in compliance for 6 months.
Emergency & Exit Lighting Inspections
Is your Company prepared for an emergency? In case the unthinkable happens, efficient exit and emergency lighting systems can save many lives, including your own. Exit and emergency lights also increase your security and comfort and are required by law in many cases.

Key elements of an Emergency & Exit Lighting inspection include:

  •  Inspect and test annually- can be done at the same time as Fire Extinguisher or Hood Inspection
  • Test Batteries

  • Replace bulbs and batteries as needed
  • Add or replace lighting units as needed.

CONTACT US to request a free evaluation of your building or to learn more about how we can help your business. We will help you to find the best, customized exit and/or emergency lighting solution for your needs.