Fire Security & Products

Oklahoma Fire & Safety Co. provides fire extinguisher inspections, fire extinguisher recharges, fire extinguishers for sale and other fire extinguisher services.

We will send a licensed technician to your location and conduct an annual inspection in accordance with the State Fire Marshall and N.F.P.A. #10 fire codes. This is a thorough examination of the fire extinguishers' mechanical parts, fire extinguishing agents and expellant gas.

Key elements of a fire extinguisher inspection include:
  • Check the gauge pressure.

  •  Check the condition of the gauge and its compatibility with the extinguisher.

  •  Check the last hydro-test date is within code requirements.

  •  Check the last 6-year maintenance inspection, if applicable.

  •  Check the valve and shell for damage or corrosion.

  •  Check the condition of the discharge horn.

  •  Break the extinguisher seal and remove the locking pin.
  • Check the upper and lower handles.

  •  Replace the locking pin and reseal the extinguisher.

  •  Check the valve opening for powder or any foreign matter.

  •  Wipe down and clean extinguisher.

  •  Check that the unit is properly located at the required height from the ground.

  •  Check that the unit is visible and unobstructed.

  • Fire extinguishers for sale.

When the inspection is completed there could be recommendations for corrective action where needed such as recharging and hydro-testing. If an extinguisher passes inspection, the unit will be GREEN tagged and code compliant for one year. We will keep track of your next inspection in our database and come back the next year automatically.
  • Have peace of mind that should the need arise your extinguishers are in proper working condition!
  • Never worry about being delinquent or out of code compliance again!